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Lyle's Party Ideas Blog

Lyle's Party Ideas Blog

Lyle's Party Ideas Blog


AWESOME event ENTERTAINMENT that creates your event souvenir.

special effects Green screen with Pirates

Fun Event photography and photo booth

You’ve seen the trailers at the end of movies that show how they create the special FX in a green room; We use those same techniques in a NEW style of event photography.
Green screen event photography adds Hollywood style to every occasion. Done at Black Tie Galas to Bikers in Blue jeans events,
Posh Wedding receptions to College and High school Celebrations;

You’ll love the response from your guests when your party entertainment includes our on-site green screen photo studio.
We’ll instantly print your guests party keepsakes or event souvenir photos seconds after their taken.
Not Just photos or a photo booth this is fun party entertainment.

All our clients receive our personal service. From Carrie Underwood; for her induction party at Grand Ole Opry,
to Coors Light and The Steelers at their Kickoff event in Pittsburgh and The Miami Chamber; for Fashion Week in NY City to your wedding, party or event.

Call Us! We’d love to chat with you about your party! Call: 269-694-6949